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Soni, from the fnf mod Freaky Night with Soni (go play the mod it's really good!)


Hello it is i again

been a while hasn't it?

sure was but now im back and school is being mean so i'll might be a little busy when doing videos

I made a community for Beat Saber! :D


Blue Zenith. A Legendary and well known song within the osu community. Even peter griffin knows this song. Get ready for "PETE ZENITH"

Uploaded to youtube as well(WITH AN ACTUAL VIDEO.)

"PETE ZENITH" | Xi - Blue Zenith (Peter Griffin Cover)
WYSI WYSI WYSI #bluezenith #osu #petergriffin #familyguy #727 #wysi #whenyouseeit #music #fnf Credits to XI, Blue Zenith is created by them. https://www.yout...

@FrozeniumZ is streaming OSU!

Come and watch if you would like! [ Ended ]

Welcome to the Rhythm Games community on Game Jolt!

This community is a place for rhythm game content OF ANY KIND!

I have a couple of rules.

NO SPAMMING. If repeated, you will be banned from the community for a set amount of time.

NO BAN EVASION. If you try to ban evade with an alternative account, you will be permabanned with no appeal.

BE NICE TO ONE ANOTHER. We all may play different games but, we are all rhythm gamers. DO NOT TARGET/HARASS PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY PLAY A CERTAIN RHYTHM GAME.

NO ADULT CONTENT. Posting adult content in any shape or form will lead to your post being deleted, and possibly being banned from the community with no appeal.

DONT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION. Keep yourself safe online and do not share any personal information in any of the channels in this community.

DO NOT WISH HARM OR DISCRIMINATE ON OTHERS. Racism, Homophobia, etc. is not tolerated in this community and will be lead with a ban.

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