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Heya, it's me, iron! Feel free to post and have some fun!

Undertale edit real ! 1!1!1

Song: Midnight phonk

(Flash warning 📸⚠️)


So uhhhhhhhhhhh since people told me to use the new sits for Vegetoid thing, I just had to remake it and this is the result, probably looks better than the old one, idkkk!


Sprites by salocinik

Music by Benyi

Uhhhhh yeah

Hi so, finally a new video is coming tomorrow, I tried to make better stuff for this but eh, it was worth it, anyways, yay

HOPELESS || UNDERTALE: Call of The Void [Placek’s Take] Official Soundtrack video
Alright, So.. Actually I dunno what to say, I tried to improve a bit in general some stuff but well, here is it, a new video, I hope y'all like it------- CRE...

Something I animated that I can't give context for. Very sorry about that, hope you enjoy regardless


Presenting.. Pheonix!! (My oc!!)

She hates Error :D