What do you want to share today?

God damn. The server is already almost ready.

I am not gonna release it right away but I'll have to see how I feel about it.

One last time. And fr this time.

Coming when I feel comfortable about doing it.

Since JR's is coming out on saturday and I am gonna be doing the DAID Interview on Saturday, I am sadly gonna have to post pone the JR's stream to a later date.

I apologize but I gotta stay focused on my things. But hopefully ya'll will enjoy jrs.

Also new banner goes hard. Thanks @Vampymatsu for sending me transparent version of the art lol.

Go follow her please

A Little Life log & Update Log

Welcome To My Hangout!

Welcome to my GameJolt Community, Daylen's Hangout!

This is where people can post their epic Art, Talk about things, Post memes, Join firesides here (When they happen), Advertise things, Keep up with my content I post, & ETC!

I hope you enjoy your time and I hope you have fun!

You can see what social media's I use with my Biolink!


You can also go check me out on YouTube! https://www.youtube.com/c/DaylenTvGaming

Rules of this hangout (aka community):

1: Don't Post NSFW On this community AT ALL.

2: Post on the right channels!

(For example, Please put your Advertisements or promoting In the Advertising channel)

3: Be nice to other members!

4: Have Fun Being here!

Icon art is by @NovaStarHund , The Header & some Channel headers + Daylen's Diner was made by @StarWolfie11

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