Music in Holiday Fireplace

Share your creations!

If you would like your music to be featured in our Holiday stream, please post it in the form of a video in this channel. Any music style (though maybe lean towards festive!). Max length of 5 minutes (min 1 minute). Must be YOUR music, not someone else's.

So, I am currently working on my new upcoming song, Come On. And, well, once it's out I will let you know. So, if you would like to come up with some music titles of you own, to be used for new songs in the future (you will be credited) read below.


This is caribbean music. Check it out, Enjoy, like and share!


Hope you all are doing well. Blessings to all, like and share.


Worked on this for most of the day. Enjoy and be sure to like for more kool content.