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Thank you to everyone who has supported me on and off of Game Jolt! This just goes to show how truly amazing this community is ❤️

Happy New Year to everybody around the world who has supported me and everything that I created throughout 2022!

--- Freddyland TRAILER NEWS is below. ---

PLEASE VOTE for Welcome to Freddyland at the Fangame Direct Awards!


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¡¡¡VOTA por Welcome to Freddyland en los Fangame Direct Awards!!! 📊🎉
¡¡¡VOTE for Welcome to Freddyland at the Fangame Direct Awards!!! 📊🎉

Welcome to Freddyland is now in the Italian Fangames event! 🟩⬜🟥
¡Welcome to Freddyland ya está en el evento Italian Fangames! 🟩⬜🟥

Welcome to the official Freddyland Game Jolt community!

This is the official Game Jolt community page for the official Freddyland fan game made by @ScottZimmerman . On this community, you could post almost anything in the channels such as general, questions, and memes! You could also check out everything currently happening with the game in the news channel!

Remember to stay respectful, don't spam, and don't post any NSFW!

Thank you and enjoy! :)

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