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My FNaF 8th Anniversary fan art!

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Bonnie was ALWAYS the most frightening animatronic for me throughout the ENTIRE series. Since FNaF 1, I was always freaked out by him. I don't know if it's the soulless look of him or just that he has no eyelashes!


Happy Birthday to Five Nights at Freddy's, released 8 years ago today!

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Property of the second Fredb̴̥̰̝͠e̶̠͋̅̉a̴͉̯̿͛͌r̷̳̦̫̂̏'̶͎̤̈̿̊ͅs̵̖̬̰͝ ̴̼̪͌̓͋F̸̟̽̈͛a̶̦̟͙͋m̸͉̈i̶̺͆l̸͓̉͋y̷̯̎̍ ̵̻̖͓͂͛D̷͇͉̋i̵̚͜n̴̪̈ë̸̙́ṛ̸̽̎

Render Made By: @ScottZimmerman

My first render in Blender (Never rendered in Blender specifically before)

Check the game for more like this:


Welcome to the official Freddyland Game Jolt community!

This is the official Game Jolt community page for the official Freddyland fan game made by @ScottZimmerman . On this community, you could post almost anything in the channels such as general, questions, and memes! You could also check out everything currently happening with the game in the news channel!

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