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Share your creations!

Almost finished to fix the office by following some comments from the first reveal!

I'll show it soon!

Also enjoy this art that i made :)

Well, I don't have a rising star I like, my taste was always geared towards the 70's & 80's. So, Iron Maiden was always my favorite band.


Just some arts that i made a week ago

Also yes, Bonnie is floating here too...

Very funny

everyone go subscribe to @ScottZimmerman on youtube

30 subscribers by sunday means we get a cool new banner for ''Welcome to Freddyland'' for 3 hours and it's a very great banner

Hello there, so Sorry for my inactivity, just got some irl problems i hope u can understand...

Also i'm here just to tell u something about this game (FNaF 1 R, cuz i'm getting many comments and dms on Ig) This is NOT an official remake, FNaF plus is.