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Happy 7th anniversary to my favorite FNaF and horror game, Five Nights at Freddy's 4! (Read Article)

As silly as the title may sound, this is actually a pretty good platformer. Go on an adventure through an array of levels, dodge enemies, and rescue the all-powerful hamburger. Yes, I said a burger. Want to know why? Check here!

Made some more DALL-E generations

Honestly, if I had to choose my favorite retro video game, it would be Super Mario Bros 2: The Lost Levels. I like the challenge, and I think that this game is underrated due to its difficulty.


Happy 'Merica day ladies and gents! I also have an page now! Be sure to follow it :)

If you like games like Zelda, and Pokémon; then you will love Larco's Quest!

Larco's Quest is an RPG-style action/adventure game with many different levels with many challenges along with unique mechanics!

Play the game now! (

------ Freddyland Status Update 6/27/22 ------

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You could now look at my old-abandoned account. This is actually really important because...

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Freddyland: Freddy WIP 2

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