Burn your retinas! (use hairspray and a lighter for optimal burning)

Oh by the way I have seen at least 3 people making fun of technoblade when looking for stuff, but I am gonna choose to spare you from that hellish abomination of “MAKE FUN OF DEAD PEOPLE FOR CLOUT 😎😎😎😎 WE GOT MANY VIEWS” people

I’m just gonna post this, they obviously had too much trouble so they turned of comments. Don’t run and watch this video, it gives it more publicity. Let it rot, and just read this and read the image.


At this point I am overly offended because this is the shit that makes people think fnaf has a terrible community in most other places

Why the fuck is this made?

This is beyond racism to the point that it becomes racist again


I checked how gacha online on roblox was doing

it was not doing well

Have you ever wanted to die?

Well hoo boy, this is the community for you.

This community focuses on the cringiest sides of the Gacha Life community.


  1. No NSFW out of articles.

  2. No being hella toxic.


    Remember to censor the names of the gacha user who made the content you posted, if their name is shown.

    With that said, keep your arms, legs, and sanity while on the ride, and embrace the cringe!

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