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The Low Poly / Voxel Art community has been rebranded! There's now a new banner, icon, and tons of smaller channel banners all across it!

For those who don't know the community, and wish to know more about it, keep reading the article below.

tiny little island


New profile picture and Blender animation ready for Godot.

Would you look at that! Thanks for the 50 members on the Low Poly/Voxel Art community, everyone!

A redesign/new graphics for the channels is coming soon, so stay tuned to that, along with the posts of everyone else in here!


Welcome to the Low Poly/Voxel Art community!

This community is aimed at those who like and/or make Low Poly/Voxel Art content

Currently there are 6 channels, with plans to adding more on the way, these are:

General: Any kind of post that doesn't contain a model or scene goes here

3D Low Poly Showcase: As the name suggests, you can showcase your Low Poly models and scenes here

2D Low Poly Showcase: A channel dedicated to the kind of 2D art based around polygons, giving it a low poly aspect

Voxel Art Showcase: A channel to showcase Voxel Art content

Games Showcase: Show off your Low Poly/Voxel Art related games in here!

Announcements: A special channel where I announce things related to this community.


1.- Follow the Gamejolt Guidelines.

2.- No NSFW Content.

3.- No NFT and/or Blockchain Content.

4.- If you didn't make the art you're sharing, make sure to credit the original artist.

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