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One more building I have made with Blender for my game.Β It's low poly, the textures are hand-drawn with a pencil, then painted in Krita or Clip Studio Paint.

10 hours of work, now I'm tired.

Design for my project Nosun.

A mix between pencil drawing, digital painting and 3D modeling.

π™Žπ™©π™šπ™«π™š ⛏

My first time using #PicoCAD

/Mi primera vez usando #PicoCAD


I'm adding some random decoration to the game. Maybe a beta will be published this month. I would like to know what you expect from this game, leave me a comment on this post <3

Almost ended the interior design of the school :D

Here are three random in-game screen shoots

please, consider buying me a ko-fi to keep me working faster and motivated <3

Welcome to the Low Poly/Voxel Art community!

This community is aimed at those who like and/or make Low Poly/Voxel Art content

Currently there are 6 channels, with plans to adding more on the way, these are:

General: Any kind of post that doesn't contain a model or scene goes here

3D Low Poly Showcase: As the name suggests, you can showcase your Low Poly models and scenes here

2D Low Poly Showcase: A channel dedicated to the kind of 2D art based around polygons, giving it a low poly aspect

Voxel Art Showcase: A channel to showcase Voxel Art content

Games Showcase: Show off your Low Poly/Voxel Art related games in here!

Announcements: A special channel where I announce things related to this community.


1.- Follow the Gamejolt Guidelines.

2.- No NSFW Content.

3.- No NFT and/or Blockchain Content.

4.- If you didn't make the art you're sharing, make sure to credit the original artist.

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