Announcements in Low Poly/Voxel Art

Share your art!

Did you know that we just reached 100 members in the Low Poly/Voxel Art community? This makes us the biggest community focused around Low Poly & Voxel Art in all of GameJolt! Thanks to everyone that made this possible!

The Low Poly / Voxel Art community has been rebranded! There's now a new banner, icon, and tons of smaller channel banners all across it!

For those who don't know the community, and wish to know more about it, keep reading the article below.

Would you look at that! Thanks for the 50 members on the Low Poly/Voxel Art community, everyone!

A redesign/new graphics for the channels is coming soon, so stay tuned to that, along with the posts of everyone else in here!


Small Update regarding the Screenshot Saturday channel

As always, read the article below for an explanation of everything

The Low Poly/Voxel Art community just reached 25 members! From joining to posting in here, thanks for the support!

Check out the article below for a small update (such as a reworked rule 3, and a new rule 4)