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Ooga booga that's a game

Cant wait !


this looks k


Are you bored? Want something to do? Need your kids to shut up for a while? Well we just have the place for you and your kids!


Welcome to Indigo's Funland! A magical place where family and fun come to life! [Afton Robotics are not responsible for the lack of fun, entertainment, etc.]

There are plenty of things to do! Including actions!

Also we're hiring a Security Guard and a Repairman.

You must be from 18 to 35, and you will be working on animatronics and watching the building from 12 to 6 am.

[Afton Robotics are not responsible for any damage or harm prior to you or your personal equipment.]

Looking forward to seeing you! :)

Models By:



HayStudios (Using Failz' Endoskeleton0)


Fantasy Violence
Animated Bloodshed
Alcohol Reference

Hey There!

the game is not cancelled yet but more like going through some technical issues as it is my first time working on a game i want to get to know how to make a game some more. Sorry if it seems i am taking way too long

Happy New Decade folks. Indigo and crew have something special to show you!

This will be a short book with several stories similar to fazbear frights. That is all i have to say for now. Take care

Well sorry for taking so long to post updates on the project.

but i would like to say that the Teaser Trailer audio has been made and i just need to do the video itself now. see you then

Currently Working on a trailer but it is not sure when i will have it ready for release. Just informing that it won't have gameplay footage. They are still being worked on so the trailer is simply a teaser trailer