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how save?

i think i could put the songs from other sonic games like sonic cd, sonic 2 and other


nice easter egg

I would like a full screen option.

Want to make it look like a level of your choice is in Sonic Mania? Want to make a Sonic Mania level name be complete gibberish? Wanna meme stuff up with a tool that can do both of the previous things?

Then, this game/tool is for you!

Re-introducing the Sonic Mania Title Card Generator!
Features include:
- Showing recreations of the Mania title card with any zone name you'd like.
- Making custom zone names of up to FOUR lines!
- Custom "ZONE" text, or even a lack of it!
- Any act number from 0 to 9999! You can also choose to make it a "Boss" act, or have no act at all!
- Play most songs from Sonic Mania with your Title Card at your choice, and even import any CUSTOM track via .ogg file!
- Customize most of the various colors of your Title Card to your liking!
- Customize the pitch/speed of the music playing on your Title Card!
- Add in Time Period text, based off Sonic CD!
- Click/Tap the Phantom Ruby to make your Title Card ENCORE style!
- Three different Title Card types, including two you can use with a green screen in editing software! (May not work super well with green custom colors.)
- Choose from many Sonic game names to display on your title card! (and add PLUS to some of them if you want?)
- Save a screenshot of your title card to your computer! (In AppData/Local/Mania_Title)
- Mess around with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles on the Instructions screen!
- Experience Knuckles making himself the star if you're lucky!
- Cameos from Mighty and Ray on the Title Card editing screen!
- Completely break the universe somehow, don't worry about it

This is the first update in a while! It used to be up for a while with the same version, but now this one is brand new. If there's any issues, please let me know. It's not a priority for me to add new stuff at this point, but I will try to fix some bugs if some are found.

The Android compiler for GMS is acting up as of right now and I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it, so no Android port atm.
#fangame #sonic

Animated Bloodshed

Because apparently people keep asking about it, I have to say there's no Android Port coming for TCG Plus.