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What do you think?

i moded it a little

This works on Windows 10 or 11 lol

Seems like this game could have a lot of potential.


this game are fine or good

wali addtool is a game for brick's and to the mod's and more you are able to open the source of an engine or just a game wali addtool is a exp of Islam it support USA and England and Palestine even it's a Muslim game builder which is found by joinplay and wali addtool can do anything you build and create what you want just like the Lego's you build or you can play multiplayer because it can use only lan server and wali addtool is a game with also custom player and you can add your helmet or maybe colour your skin but the game is a open source torque 3d so the game is a awesome building game the version are coming so this is wali addtool making a Islam community and yes you can play it this game support what you are since it's form English and wali addtool is a exp of Islam

play wali addtool the brand new brick's

  • now we have many product coming in the future

  • we also have now a big community

  • we have been working and its going good

and also the addtool v2 is here play now


massive version is out now and our second version is a glow neon style made by @Unkrown6YT follow him

#multiplayer #survival #other #shooter #building #creating #islam #lego #engine #watool

join our discord here

teen try out now

build anything and share this to your friends now let the world know #watool #supportPalestine

we have been dev this for a great way for people who like to build with legos

and multiplayer in 2022

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