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This is not an actual fangame, this is merely concepts and ideas. Art, writing, ost, etc.

#deltarune #undertale

Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Alcohol Reference
Mild Language
Crass Humor…

Lemon Oil now.

[Conceptual Deltarune Chapter 3 final boss theme]

Whammy bar is the first battle with mike, lemon oil is the second.

Toby just released new Deltarune stuff, might do something with it

Images from the scrapped soilwood battle.

[Deltarune Chapter 3]

Too much polishing and debugging had to be done for me to want to finish it.

I might make a few fangames based off of my concepts, just short battles or a cutscene selector thing. When I start working on one of these, would you rather I announce it when its almost done, or as soon as I start working on it?

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Chapter 3 - Soilwood…

(ignore the hp bars and the tp bar, this engine is highly unfinished)