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What do you think?

Keep going, the models look ace and the gameplay idea is awesome! Do not cancel at any point thus WILL be popular guaranteed

Like so, until now I find out about the existence of this work of art.

Is the freddyland referenced to the fnaf 3 hoax?

Pretty nice looking game you have

you fucking madman

—————————— A FNaF fan game made by Scott Zimmerman ——————————


    Social Links: YouTube — Twitter (Updates) — Website (RECOMMENDED)
Release Date: TBD


15 years have passed since the closing of your favorite childhood theme park, Freddyland. Now being 25 years old, you have decided to give-into your childhood nostalgia and re-explore the now-abandoned Freddyland, in hopes to discover the dark truth about its closure all of those years ago...

This game follows my own version of the FNaF timeline, and mainly follows a remixed version of storytelling from the games but excludes FNaF 3 and on from its timeline. Thus, making my own version of FNaF 1 the final game in the timeline before this one begins.


You will spend five nights at Freddyland in order to analyze equipment, inspect and test animatronics, and uncover secret areas such as the decerped horror attraction "Fazbear Frights". Each night you will face new challenges while you perform your tasks. There will be a bonus "Sixth Phase" and an Endless Customizable Mode.


This game is being created, developed, and directed by @ScottZimmerman

------ VOICE ACTING ------

Player: @ScottZimmerman

Freddy / William Afton: @DDrex312

Henry [REDACTED]: @SillyKat

Bonnie the Bunny: @DoggoMafia

More will be added soon...

------ Programming ------

Main Programmer: @ScottZimmerman



------ Animation ------




------ Modeling ------

Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy models made by USORIS





------ Rendering ------




------ Artwork ------

Main Artist: @ScottZimmerman




------ UI Design ------


------ Concept Design ------

Main Concept Designer: @ScottZimmerman


------ Story Design ------


------ Beta Testing ------


------ Extra Help ------



------ Other ------

Partnering: @Cervals_Estudio

Five Nights at Freddy's Created By: @realscawthon

This game was made using Clickteam Fusion 2.5!


#fnaf #horror #fangame #pointnclick #survival #action #puzzle

Mild Cartoon Violence
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Animated Bloodshed

Welcome to Freddyland:

You mind if I hop in? 🐇
Welcome to Freddyland:

Happy to partner with @Cervals_Estudio on creating Welcome to Freddyland!
Go and check them out, they are a really talented studio with great minds behind their work!

"Put your hands together for the one and only... Freddy Fazbear!"

------ OFFICIAL UPDATE LOG 1 ------

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