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What do you think?

HEY!! This is real important!

This is the official Underfell Tumblr,just incase you needed help for the story or some designs.

Can't wait for this to be finished, Underfell is being cosumed by the constant Underswap takes.

this seems really cool! i absolutely love the music! (and the MK sprite)
if this was a game, i'd totally play it.

Heya, i thought i'd make the sans theme a bit more good so i found a good one ;) (also i do not own the video nor the music nor the art)

Seems cool, also could you make sans in a pacifist run?

cant wait when this comes out!

I also think some people actually care for this project.
My very musicians turned against me, because of my identity. I earned so much hate for no big reason.

But who cares what they say?
I wanna know what you say.

What do you think of this project?

40 votes11 days left

I'm having a hard time thinking what to do with this.

Not because of these damned assholes, just because it's really a big project for a person like me and if I get music, getting betrayed again always is a chance.
I gotta think stuff through.

I wonder if you just want me to cancel my project or turn everyone against me. Everything I built turned into nothing, because of your betrayal? One scum who turned against me because of who I am.

I may just give you what you want. I don't care much.

New underfell megalo recently posted on soundcloud with a thumbsnail featuring a sprite with the design of my AU sans is in no way connected.

In fact that sprite was used for it to try and mock me, but srs I literally don't give a sheet about the kids.

I also think so, but it's partially up to you to vote.鈥