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Revenue Split

As a developer, you set the percentage you'd like to give to Game Jolt, as long as it's less than 10% . It's up to you. We will never guilt you into giving us moreā€”in fact, you can't!


We will take care of taxes (including VAT) so you don't have to!


Withdraw your earnings whenever you'd like or keep them in your Game Jolt Wallet to buy games from other indies.

Game Jolt Wallet

Your earnings accumulate in your Wallet. Developers have the option of supporting one another by using funds from their Wallet to buy games without paying any payment processing fees. Additionally, when using your Wallet to buy games, we won't take a cut from the sale!

Selling Options

Sell your game, artpack, levels, soundtrack; we've got you covered! You can assign an individual price to each item on your game page or choose the pay-what-you-want model.

Flexible Key Management

Control who has access to your game's packages through keys. Assign testers to your game, allowing them to get auto-updates through the Game Jolt Desktop App . Track press keys, and see when they view your games. Generate keys for prizes, bundles, etc.

Early Access

Accept support at any stage of development by assigning pay what you want or a fixed price for your work in progress builds. Through your game's devlog, keep your supporters up to date with what you're working on, and gather feedback from early testers.

Powerful Analytics

View detailed analytics for your game's sales, views, downloads, and even installs done through the Client. Find out what operating systems/devices your games are being downloaded on, geographical details of your audience, and which referring sites your sales are coming from.

Supporter Focused

As a reminder that we're all in this together, when people choose to buy your games for more than the asking price, they will show up as Supporters on your game pages!

Start Selling Your Games

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