Next up

Since my Birthday is in 2 weeks, why not?

[WIP] The cake is meant to be ugly on Purpose, since Corrupted's theming is glitches and distortions

Now now... Coru, don't be scared, just let the beast out. :)

[The second image is Background Only]

(Now I can go to sleep)

Idk, something I used to practice

So, it turns out, the noises were because the Cooling fan isnt working.

Does this thing help?

Guess what today is...

That's right!

My Birthday!!! 🥳🥳🥳

"It's not a phase guys, I swear." -Corrupted the Siamese


A remake of my first drawing made in "pixilart", which I for some reason called "Stripped hill"

Hello, welcome to this... uh... random corner? just wait a few days till it begins.

Since I know I may be busy, another check. #WIP