Five Nights at Puppyton's

2 months ago

About Five Nights at Puppyton's and after:


  • You will be the owner doing the night shift instead of a night guard because the Pizza Palace just opened that week

  • There will be no newspaper and to replace it, is a model of the building

  • There will be a demo coming out very soon (stay tuned)

  • If you couldn't tell by now, the "bug" is not a malfunction

  • The game will be made in Scratch

  • There will be three animatronics: Buddy Puppyton the German Shepherd, Wolfie the Wolf, and Fortune the Rabbit/Bunny

    What's next after the first game?:

  • I have planned on making more than one Five Nights at Puppyton's, because I have so many more characters I have wanted to add to the game. That's just one of the reasons why

  • The games will get better as the games go (hopefully)

  • I don't plan on making any other FNAF Fan-games right now

  • DeathWish WILL NOT be a completed game. I had lost interest in making it and have moved on from it. It will stay up as canceled though if I want to remake it or something

  • For right now, there will be a total of 38 Characters (some are just different models or older models of older characters)


    If you have any questions you can ask them in the comments.