6 months ago

Alien (A Minecraft Horror Map) [MAP IN DEVELOPMENT] Join the community https://gamejolt.com/c/AAMHM-y9dgv9



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Sans Fanart!

People, sadly. Map progress has been paused. I don't even know if I'll finish it. For those who were hopefully waiting for the resource pack... Here's the link, however it's not final version. https://www.mediafire.com/file/6wffqd6stex81lm/Alien+Horror+Map+…

Btw Motion Tracker V1 did exist, but didn't work as in the Alien Isolation, it just was beeping, even tho no danger was around. (Btw first video I've recorded this month.)

Here is a Creeper Cake I made on a Game Jolt fireside. After I made it someone suggested blowing it up because... well creepers blow up.. Here is what happened https://youtube.com/shorts/yZIwsVp-p0c?feature=share

NORMAL BENDY V4 IS HERE!!! Thanks for every follow! :DD

How to FIX your motion tracker. (Sorry for not showing that it actually works, but don't worry it does work.)

Those are the saddest news of today, because I have to tell you that development on my minecraft map has been paused until unknown time. Don't worry I'll get back to work on it when it'll be possible.

Thanks for the cool prizes @gamejolt and @InsightEditions !😁

How to make your own Motion Tracker! (Btw didn't have time to fix those lags yet. Also you'll need the resource pack I'm using, but sadly... you'll be able to get it when the map will be completed.)