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Check out the page for Never Give Up, our new game coming soon! Follow here on Game Jolt to keep up to date with news: http://gamejolt.com/games/nevergiveup/392396


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Next up

"Thanks guys for endless hours of fun." 👍

(My first fan art. Read the article, please.)

#sonic #mario #photoshop

Enemies can also suddenly spawn through Realm Rifts. These Rift Spawns are going to be stronger than the ones wandering around. TBD on the enemies... #screenshotsaturday #godstear #madewithunity

I was bored, so... ManutKat.

Heya! I wanted to show some gameplay progress i made so far. I hope you like it ^^



Ibuki Mioda!

In the quest for accessibility, I'm adding Resurrection Shrines for players on the 'novice' end of the platforming spectrum.

In order to unlock the power of a Shrine, you must collect 3 'Souls' from your dead corpses! (the floating blue orbs)


"Day to Day" (also check spud out here he's a great guy and writer: https://soundcloud.com/spudward)

brung back my old oc plus a new one

...they don`t have names yet tho

Szayel Aporro Granz - Bleach