3 years ago

Coded water physics for my fan game!



Next up

I spent the last few days revisiting this stupid game because boredom got the worst of me

This looks so much like a personal call for me to come back to game dev, lmfao

It's finally over

You know Sonic the hedgehog? 😀

#sonicthehedgehog #sega #sonic #sonicfanart

Well this is something

Sonic Heroes Movie Version!

rock sand (very cool score)

Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit's new update is AMAZING! Please check it out while you can!

sonic the hedgehog | color study (5 colors)

Made for @ArtWeeklies (theme picked: Sonic the Hedgehog)

Software used: Aseprite

Here's pixel art I made two days ago. Now gimme the sticker