2 years ago

#FrightCraft do I have to explain?



Next up

#FaveFNAFMerch he is mildly upset at Mr hugs


#FestiveNights I like the new Freddy coming to evergreen :)

Celebrate Minecraft's 15th anniversary with these quests! Unlock a new background!

The game was first released to the public on May 17, 2009.

Check your quest log to start completing the quests!

#MyAnimatronic I'm not very good at drawing but I did my best to make these guys look good.

Minecraft's 15th anniversary is this Friday! 🤯

Quests celebrating the iconic game will pop into your quest log on Friday, so get ready to celebrate!

#MinecraftLegends POV: you're a piglin

Rando Art Challenge! Transform this into a masterpiece of the Renaissance era. Use the tag #renaissance to show off your creation! (Tag an artist in the comments to let them know)

I made this sign in woodshop at school :)