3 years ago

fun fact



Next up

oops forgot this one

i havent worked on this in like 3 days but i need to chill on the tracks

only people who listen to Rushdown get it

heres some art ive been working on for future songs i might make

i showed some people in the Spectakoo discord server the N++ editor and this is how they reacted

i am almost done with this tune, just need add some stuff

Short intro of us 💕✌️

We're an eletro duo based in Seoul 🇰🇷 Heavily influenced by the 90s.

Our new album #Xennials is all about the nostalgia of that era 💽 CD listenin 📟 beeper beepin 💾 floppy disks floppin days 😎

Stream now! 🎧



i may or may not make an full art of some person or i may just leave this like that-