2 months ago

guys i got minecraft today ong

i totally didnt have to buy another one because i lost the last one



Next up

im starting to see more of the weird ads on gamejolt again. I just got one for a hentai graphic novel and a shaver for "those" parts on a women or some shit. I thought gamejolt dealt with that.

I get way too insecure about my friends

Also this mark on one of my house’s vents looks like a pitbull or smth

no way

vote not voteing becuse if you vote ill stomp on your rip cage and pull your throat inside out


More trad drawings mwahahahahah

today's my sister's birthday today.

also our one of two chickens died too.

T hi s hotel i was at gives me so much intrusive thoughts, i wanna die so bad


I put the new forgis on the jeep