Five Nights at Freddy's REPROJECTED

3 years ago

Happy 7th Anniversary FNAF!!!

Here is a thing to do with a LIVE Camera feed view in the game. That I may be working on, you can view the said camera when you are near to it and when the guard is active.



Next up

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

This is the FNaF 1 Bathroom section

Improved the office with some new monitor models made by me!

Read below for some game update news!

New work in progress menu for the new update!

Say "Hi" to Funtime Foxy!!!

in game screenshots for the V1.0.8 Update!

The Fazbear Facility: Prologue Announcement Trailer + Anniversary Devlog

New update, v1.1.1 is here!

Hey everyone, 1.0.0 is here!

Porkchop's Wonder Farm | Showstar Short Film

V1.0.7 IS HERE!

Check down below for more on the update!