Five Nights at the Krusty Krab: Chapter 3

9 months ago

Hey all, the first patch (v1.2.4) for Five Nights at the Krusty Krab: Chapter 3 has just come out!! Below are a list of changes. The main change is the addition of a Low Quality graphics mode. The attached screenshots show the difference between the two.


  • Added a Settings Menu, accessible from the Title Screen.

  • Added a Low Quality mode. This mode reduces the quality lighting and post processing effects as well as resolution of the game and cuts texture resolution down to ¼ of Normal Quality mode. This should help the game to run much smoother on even lower end PCs, especially where graphics memory is the limiting factor. This can be accessed from the Settings Menu on the Title Screen.

  • Added an option to cause the Navigation Buttons (to look left, right, at the fuse-box etc.) to be hidden unless moused over. This cleans up the UI a bit for players who are using the WASD+E keys to look around. This can be accessed from the Settings Menu on the Title Screen.

  • Added English Subtitles for all voiced cut scenes and phone calls. I’d like to add support for other languages at some point, however I am only fluent in English and thus would not feel comfortable writing subtitles for people who would prefer to play the game in other languages at this point. I may be on the lookout for translators at some point if anyone is interested. This can be accessed from the Settings Menu on the Title Screen.

  • Added an indicator to the UI to inform the player that the Cassette Tape has been stolen by Plankton.

  • Added an indicator to the UI to inform the player when the Cassette Player is not playing music (Either because they have switched it off, the power is off or Plankton has stolen the tape). I’ve noticed some people being confused about how the Phantoms work, so this should help to intuitively inform players that the player not playing music is something to be concerned about.


  • Slightly reduced Chromatic Aberration on the UI.

  • Adjusted some lighting values to make the game look nicer on Low Quality mode. Lighting values are used for both quality modes so this may very slightly affect how things look in Normal Quality mode.

  • Plankton now laughs softly when he appears as well as when he steals or breaks something. This should prevent people from just losing fuses all night because they didn’t know to look for plankton.

  • Plankton now breaks fuses in the fuse box instead of removing them. This is to give the player an audio and visual cue that something has gone wrong.

  • Added an audio cue of the drawer opening and closing when Plankton steals a fuse.

  • Boosted the volume of the training tapes a bit.

  • Made the sparking sound effects caused by clicking Plankton 3D and much quieter.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be unable to re-insert the cassette tape after Plankton steals it in Nightmare mode.

  • Prevented Plankton from stealing a fuse if the player is looking in the spares drawer.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to win even after being jumpscared.

  • Fixed an issue where the training tapes would still be playing even after being jumpscared. This interfered once subtitles were brought into the mix.

  • Fixed the rate at which Hammerhead increases your Exposure/Sanity on Nightmare Mode. It was supposed to go up significantly faster than on Night 5, however due to an oversight it increased at the normal amount previously.

  • Fixed an issue with Squidward’s good eye not glowing.