2 months ago

i haven't shown assets in a while soo

here are my recent assets done in the last 30 days!!!

the first 7 are not my ocs btw!!!

the objects are:

  1. Candy

  2. Coin

  3. Mailbox

  4. Pack of cards

  5. Moon

  6. Tape

  7. Top hat

  8. Chalkboard eraser

  9. Ironer

  10. Ice cream (she had a big glow up from the last asset)

  11. Paper cup

  12. Star block (from kirby)



Next up

A specific friend group of gamejolters who all have around 3000 followers when the challenge is to not be a dickhead for 5 seconds:

im starting to see more of the weird ads on gamejolt again. I just got one for a hentai graphic novel and a shaver for "those" parts on a women or some shit. I thought gamejolt dealt with that.

T hi s hotel i was at gives me so much intrusive thoughts, i wanna die so bad

top 10 saddest anime momments

no way

No one questions the rules of yoyal chess [rock meme sound]

I get way too insecure about my friends

Also this mark on one of my house’s vents looks like a pitbull or smth

vote not voteing becuse if you vote ill stomp on your rip cage and pull your throat inside out

I put the new forgis on the jeep