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"Do you need any assistance, my friend?"

Steel Wool shares yet another Help Wanted 2 poster!

Source: https://x.com/SteelWoolStudio/status/1732489488968962282?s=20


Runestones: from concept to in-game model🗿

Shadow The Hedgehog X pixel art

Just a Pico sprite

Hi everyone! I started to create some environment props for my new video game, here is a cozy house in the forest. I'm planning to switch from Unity to Unreal... Let's see what new challenges I have to face. Made in Blender and Substance Painter.

Today I tackled drawing different variations of facial expressions for one of the main characters in Eden. What do you think of it? :) Eden: https://gamejolt.com/games/Eden/592698

A few screenshots of the places you'll cross in the Demo of Blu. You can play it today on #gamejolt !

The Authority decided to investigate the Basement and leads to recovering classified documents Fun fact: The building has 928 doors and not 1000 doors. #horror