2 years ago

i rather continue working on the game since i've been doing great progress so far and i just can't wait to share it with you guys i know i haven't updated you for 3 months! but it'll be worth the wait i PROMISE i might drop a alpha demo after 2 months :P

BUT Words don't always speak to their promises. i'll try to update you with a video of the finished mechanics once a mechanic gets finished or some progress of the map.

and to make progress faster. i'll try to be effective this year. it's just college has been very hard hitting on my Life i'm trying my best guys ;-;

i've putting a whole lot of mind work on this game. just so it can be a unique amazing work ;)

and hope you are having good day out there. :3



Next up

Good evening everyone! currently my game page is now privated! And will be returning soon with a new title and upgrade!

Please read article for better CLARITY!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is having a sweet cozy week at home!

Been coding and working on some stuff, can't share much sadly. Wish I can do, but stuff is unfinished! I have limitations y'know, school is one of them!

Hey everyone! I want you all to go check out my friend's game that came out right now! it's pretty cool! It's a nice experience with good story telling!


Super Secret Live Stream happening in a couple hrs- With @LUKELCS and @ChristoffOfficial Find deets here: https://gamejolt.com/p/join-atthehypersloth-atchristoffofficial-…

W.I.P Upscaling Algorithm been coding on, very proud of so far! This is running on Eevee NEXT with ray tracing fps went from 2 to 36 !!!

(Resolution from: 542x303) (Right=Upscaled ; Left=No Filtering) (Next Image is 1080P res)

It's official- I won the PvP segment of the Block-o-Ween event between @ChristoffOfficial and @LUKELCS . Any allegations that I paid off this win will be hunted down and gutted like a fish.


I AM SHAKING! I am officially married!

Okay me and the team been cooking for the game's concept and writing... And it's gonna be PEAK! The game is gonna be larger and better than the previous project! I am going creative with this one! see you soon!

(Current project title: Perceived REALITY)

Can't even react to art these days without Jerry judging-

Some nice photos I took with my new camera, this is in my family's house