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4 months ago

It´s Time.
(Credits to the respective owners of the sprites)




Next up

- Information About The "Reborn" Update - The 1.7 will be the last "normal" update (unless there´s a critical bug or something) before the "Reborn".

Heya ! I Have Been Working On TD But I Made a Change On Tails , I Changed Labyrinth Zone For Sandopolis Because Stone Of Darkness Used Labyrinth Zone Too...So...I Will use Sandopolis (it doesnt change Virtual Reality)

Long time no see! After the release of "The Destiny" i decided to make some sort of plan for the year (read the first image for more context of this) Thank you so much for the reception and support of "The Destiny"! (sorry for any typing any mistake)

LET´S GOOOOO! The 6 years mark has been reached! Thank You for the support all over the years! #spawnday Credits For The Goku Sprites: Que-

Tails And Knuckles Duo End Sneak Peek!

#spawnday Seems like this profile has reached 5 years from it´s creation. Thank You For All The Support Through The Years! Credits For The Goku Sprites: Que-

Knux Solo Will Be In Lava Reef Zone!


Sorry For Being inactive for so long. Here´s the answer to lot of the questions about when´s the game going to release or better. What happened to it and why i didn´t released any teaser or trailer. Have a Great Day!

(Credits to Que~ Goku Sprites in pfp)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here´s Some Stuff Regarding The Future. (The Games Showed In The Third Images Are Just Concepts And Not Something I´m Currently Working On).