3 months ago

My last art for this account (please read the article)

Well, how long has it been, right? 5 months... how quickly time passes To people's sadness and others' joy, I would like to announce that I am officially leaving gamejolt (through this account) don't expect to see more posts from me here... and I wanted to thank you for everything... even if half of my posts are memes and my arts are a little ugly, I have a lot of fun showing them to you and you like them too. Well I may have been a stupid child before and messed up this account... but you still kept following me and well I haven't posted in 5 months and this is my comeback, my account is 2 years old and well I did so many things, so many Ocs, so many friends heh, but well, this is goodbye, gamejolt, I've been here for a long time, but this is my last post... see you in the very near future... I hope, goodbye everyone and thank you very much for following me




Next up

I must be the only one with these stickers

drawings that I just had the courage to post now

Final Results "The BOB" Hope you like it


"A new world to explore?"

yes my new Oc

this really summed up my gamejolt account

Thank you all we reached 1100 followers...

I had a very creative idea (real!!!!) to remaster an old drawing of mine

I just know it's very simple aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

a landscape