Five Nights at Freddy's REPROJECTED

3 months ago

New work in progress menu for the new update!




Next up

V1.0.7 IS HERE!

Check down below for more on the update!

in game screenshots for the V1.0.8 Update!

Improved the office with some new monitor models made by me!

Read below for some game update news!

What are everyone's thoughts on this?

This is the FNaF 1 Bathroom section

Sister Location map teaser!!

Working on some FNaF 3 stuff in the game!

Update on what's currently being worked on!

REPROJECTED V1.0.7 Teasers!

Read below for a little more information on the game in it's current state.

Hey everyone, 1.0.0 is here!

New update, v1.1.1 is here!