POPGOES 2: Reprinted

2 months ago

POPGOES 2: Reprinted | News update -Hallway Remake


Popgoes 2 Reprinted Plans: On release there will be a full open source assets google folder of the game. With a guide to how to mod the game. You can use all the assets as free as you want! [some Image textures, Models, sounds etc...] will require crediting the author [There will be a .txt to copy the board of the authors to credit]

[Scraped idea, that could maybe.. happen]

Possible multiplayer events in-game. Custom game modes

[Epitomes vs humans]: playing as the Epitomes and trying to capture teenage paranormal activists for Simon, The teenagers are found lost in the dead forest of London and they are trying to escape. They have some tools to fend of, some are found by exploring. The game will require team coordination and communication to win. Epitomes and the teenagers have classes to pick, giving a different gameplay style each having their down sides and upsides. There are other two game modes. But they haven't been thought of yet.

About the trailer, it might take some time. My life has started to be very depressing and harsh on me, so my mental health got destroyed.

And thanks for your guys major support. 4k people is a lot of people to cram in one room. It's just so crazy!