3 years ago

Rockin the Guitar, an Axe like Guitar I made for my Uni project




Next up

This is kind of an out the blue post and quite off topic from the things I usually do. But I made a Sonic Frontiers mod featuring Blaze the Cat considering people never really see her in any games nowadays.

Happy Halloween (or what used to be for me) The Lost Ones fans

He's still learning

Question by @Inverted_Minnie


The Lost Ones Sticker Pack! (Part 1)

Aw shi we approaching 2k followers on the community. I might have to post something if we hit the goal.

I kinda wanna expand out what I post here on Gamejolt like what I post on Twitter, on the side I like to play a bit of Pokemon GO so what if I post some achievements I get, like this Hundo Dratini from Spotlight Hour?

The Winner is now added! Claim your smiling Suicide Mouse sticker!

Merry Christmas, I hope you all got coal under your tree

i am now the 23.