1 year ago

“She really didn’t wanna make it messy”

Possible short animatic if only i still have motivation lmao



Next up

Working on something my younger self would love to have! :)

Something unfinished for #WorldArtDay

Fanart for someone on Insta

so i'm pretty sure you all have noticed the "new channel images" by now, but uh.. i don't know what else to say.

A little confession is that I had to trace the wolves but I drew the others on my own 🙏🙏

Happy late bird day @__vivi

Congratulations on not dying!

I’m obsessed

Also I just noticed I haven’t drew Pika in awhile so here’s her comeback


its been awhile since i drew her

also its her first time in sonic x style :D

Happy (Late) Birthday to Fnas mix dude


Hey! How's it going?