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Status Report - 2.04.2024

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/ Welcome jolter & starner!


Ho ho , HO!!, Ninjakrom's here!

Hard to believe since 2020 this fan-game has been development, our team has been taking a bit of a break since the last status report, to make this come true we need rest and enjoy of the life as is require.

Each one of the members team continues to contribute many things to make a game so polished and well-crafted game , which means that this game becomes more big than ever and comes out in the next years.

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First of all, we will show some new photos and old videos of the progress that we have taken filmed by our co-founders @ninjakrom & @TeamByMyself .

Screenshots & Videos


- Fied of Hope and Dreams -

Know it as Field of Hope an dream, this area will make an update very different as in the og game, there will be puzzles to complete, a maze to compete and run againts the bullets of B-Drop, dark quests to complete and much more.


- Dark Forest -


Dark forest is a area fused between field and scarlet forest, this area will be have various labyrinth paths, secret rooms, treasure and obvious dark quest missions.


- Snow Forest -


Snow Forest it's like an silent place for fight against several big darkners of ice and hunt some rangers.


- Desert Forest -

deser forest is a place so big like scarlet forest, will have the experience to fight against new darkners in this area of dark world.

some enemies requiere to fight with him to complete the dark quest missions.


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Character Game Design



/ Guardians of the Dark (Elementals darkners)


Trader "Guardian's Chaos"

" Know it as great wizard of Chaos "


Clober "Guardian's Order"


" Considered as the fastest in dark world "

B-Drop "Guardian's Maze"


Ikera "Guardian's Scarlet"

"The Enchantress Moth"


Drosty "Guardian's Blizzard"

" An big darkner who defend to the small creatures in Dark World "


Wonder "Guardian's Puzzles"

Concept Art (Sprites, Sketches, Loading Screen etc.)

Card Prison Sprites


. . . . . . . . . . . . . Cell Knight Mage . . . . . . . . . . . .

The cell knights are darkners from card prison, a place where is the bad guys in this fangame are locked up.


. . . . . . . . . . . . Cell Knight #2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Each one represents a capital sin in every cell room.


. . . . . . . . . . . . Cell Knight #1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Your mission is not to let anyone escape your hands.

. . . . . . . . . . . . Ace (Shopkeeper) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This peculiar darkner is as a seller only waiting for someone to buy his merchandise inside a cell.


Concept Art, Game Design Etc.

During development, we are doing several very interesting things, this time we are in the process of making this game very different but with an original and main touch.

with you can see, in living room will have a cg gamer art show with several dialogues.

Susie is looking to the annoying dog (toby fox), while is show tooo a joke dialogue inside the game. We guess it'll be kind of funny, since we're setting this up as a funny scene with a dog sleeping on the couch at Susie's house.


On the other hand, there will also be silent moments and it will be very difficult to know why Susie is afraid, surprised and confused.


Scarlet Forest

Scarlet Forest have more rooms for explore, during the period of the development, we decide to make it very long to sptill have more interactions with darkners, treasue chest, dark quest missions and more!


/ Level Game Design (Battle System & Mechanics)

The design of several rooms in each sub-area or are are yet in constructions with mechanics so fun and ard to solve, some puzzles are we need complete in dark quest missions.


Card Prison

Card Prison & Susie's House (Testing the Dialogue System)

/ More about the Lore of the Chapter 1!


There no will nothing about the lore until finish the game and make the progress, because we are making 1st the level room design, update some sprites, making a good script at the dialogues etc.

/ Questions & Answers!

1st Q: What is DRSS?

A: Deltarune: Susie's Story is a rpg open world development by Starry Night Studios, lead by @Ninjakrom & @TeamByMyself

Who contributes to this fangame?

@Ninjakrom as Co-Creator (Founder) / Programmer / Game Developer / Lead Game Designer

@TeamByMyself as Co-Creator / Developer / Game Programmer / Pixel Artist

@rubylux / Spriter Artist

@AlexCrystal & @Sora_Ak / Sketchers & Concept Artist

2nd Q: What is Starry Night Studios?

It's a few of people that are 1 team at development indie games.

3rd Q: How is going the development of DRSS?


4th Q: When will it be available?

until December 25,2025

5th Q: why it takes long at make this fan-game?

Just we are few people making this game so slow that i need contact to another to finish this fan-game.

6th Q: What type of programs do you use to design the game?

A: Godot Engine v3.5, 3.6 & Microsoft Paint

6th Q: Where will have more infot the characters?

A: https://deltarunesusiestory.fandom.com/wiki/DeltaruneSusieStory_Wiki


Join to our team!

We've been a little late with the development of the 1st chapter and we are looking for some new developers, artist and programmers to finish the game.

1st Q: What requirements do you need to enter?

A: have experience in being an indie game developer, programmer, drawing concepts and sketches to create new characters.

2nd Q: When kind of designers are you looking for?

-Character Sprite Designers

-Level Rooms Designers

-Spriter Face Designers

3rd Q: When kind of programmers are you looking for?

-Coder for make systems, ui interface, battle system etc.

-Programers with godot engine experience too.

4th Q: How can i contact with you guys?

A: Send me a message or shotuout to one of the creators @ninjakrom or @TeamByMyself one of the two memeber can talk with you to join in the team.


Thanks for take your time at watch this post and read it!

"The Power of the Purple Girl, Shines Within You!"



Next up

Cool in the Cold!! 🎢🎡

If everything continues like this, then the game will be released sooner than you think.

We already have an official date and I only need to make a trailer for the demo next year.

Status Report - 22.04.2024

#DRSS #StatusReport #April

I present to you this little preview from our programmer @TeamByMyself i ( in charged to code the game, so far we are making a good progress with the 1st chapter of DR: Susie's Story.

Thanks for to be patience and have hope with this amazing proyect!

A small progress with the bullets, made by our partner / member: @TeamByMyself ( programmer)

It's just a dream, please wake up! ,

The hell is just an illusion , Go into the light and shine with love and glory!