2 months ago

The Low Poly / Voxel Art community has been rebranded! There's now a new banner, icon, and tons of smaller channel banners all across it!

For those who don't know the community, and wish to know more about it, keep reading the article below.


This is a community aimed at those who make and/or like to watch Low Poly (3D, 2D) and Voxel Art content in Gamejolt, in which you're welcome to participate!

Other than the "Frontpage" and "All Posts" channels, the current channels for this specific community are listed below:



Any post that doesn't contain art, but is still relevant to this community can be posted here.


3D Low Poly

This channel is probably the main reason of why you are here, any art that's Low Poly and 3D is posted here. If you're making low poly art for games, keep reading below.


2D Low Poly

This is a kind of art that is 2D, but is drawn with polygons, giving it a low poly look. Any art that meets this criteria should be posted here.


Voxel Art

Essentially, Voxel Art is Pixel Art, but in 3D, where you build models and scenes with cubes in a 3D space rather than pixels in a 2D canvas. Art that is Voxel Art can be posted here. If you're making voxel art for games, keep reading below.


Games Showcase

This is a channel focused on the games that people might be developing with Low Poly and/or Voxel Art graphics, feel free to showcase your game development here as long as it's using Low Poly and/or Voxel Art graphics.



This is where things related to this community (like this post!) will be announced. Only moderators can post in here.

The rules of this community are the following:

1.- Follow the Gamejolt Guidelines.

This one should be obvious.

2.- No NSFW Content.

This is a Safe-For-Work community, if you post content that isn't Safe-For-Work, and contains things that are +18, you might have your post removed, or even be blocked from the community.

3.- No NFTs and/or Blockchain Content.

NFTs and Blockchain as it stands right now, are a scam and harm the planet, so any NFT and/or Blockchain related content in this community will be removed, and the OPs might be blocked.

4.- If you didn't make the art you're sharing, make sure to credit the original artist.

If you made the art you're sharing, then you shouldn't worry about this rule, but otherwise, make sure to credit the original artist of the art you're posting, if you fail to do so, your post will be removed.

If you decide to join this community, you're more than welcome to be in here, just remember to follow the rules, and to remember the point of each channel.

Until later!