1 year ago

This is the next goal coming up. just 29 more followers and I will do a drawing (Like a pick from a hat thing or something) And one of my followers will be able to be a guest voice actor or even drawn in the show! I just wanted to let you know.



Next up

3,000 Followers Celebration Devlog!

FANGAME DIRECT 2 - Promotional Trailer

Woohoo! Today is Homer Simpson's Birthday!

This is YOUR chance to get donut stickers!

(Check your quest log for more info on how to get them.)

Successful landing


Here's a peaceful little forest scene for this #screenshotsaturday, from the beginning of the game.

Path of Kami: The Evolution of the Lore

Finished a project I've been working on over the last few days!

Modeled and textured in Blender.

#3dart #lowpoly #npbr #fantasy #hut

Updated the chest in the maze, adding sound, particles and better animation. But what's in the chest?

So here's the first of the zodiac signs i will make for the next weeks.


These are background sprites I've created for a game I'm working on at school ^w^ Click on the post to see how the sprites connect. You won't regret it! (personally, I think it's pretty heheh)

Drawn in Piskel using my mouse. Whaddya think?