The TubbyLand Archives - ACT 1

2 months ago

V1.0.1 has been released! [ read article for details ]

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So uh, yeah! The first patch has been released, it doesn't change much but the fixes that were added are still notable. Those being...

Night 6 Minigame Nerf

Honestly we had no idea it'd end up being as hard as it was, but it should be a lot fairer now! Most if not all the changes went into Po, she can now spawn in less places and her spawn chance is now 1/290 instead of 1/150. So hopefully that helps a bit!

Tinky Winky Night 2 Nerf

Now, I saw some people saying that him being active on Night 2 entirely was a bug. That's... not true, he IS supposed to be active on Night 2, hell Employee 3 even mentions that he's supposed to be active on the previous night, though I didn't realize how much of a threat he actually was. As a result, Tinky now activates at 5 AM instead of 4 AM on Night 2. Hopefully that fixes some issues people were having.

aaaand that's pretty much it! Hopefully this'll be the last patch, that seems to be all the major bugs. For those of you who're saying the gameplay itself is unfair, no it's not. It's just a challenging game. It's balanced, it's fair, get used to it. Anyway, that's all. Enjoy! - Alyx/Steak