Project Readjusted 3

4 months ago

(v3.4.5) Project Readjusted 3 v3.0.0+ is out now:

Project Readjusted 3 v3.0.0+, the last of Project Readjusted-related content, is out now! This update has been heavily tested and has completely renewed and improved the gameplay of the game while also implementing some new additions and changes. Please enjoy!

(The incredible promotional art was produced by @Printy . The full 2K resolution version can be found here!)

Separated Patch Notes:

  • (3.4.5) Small changes/fixes to the multiplayer mode alongside some small map changes

  • (3.4.4) The glow stick now recharges twice as fast in its recharge-only state

  • (3.4.4) Added a new method for selecting a new Wraith in multiplayer

  • (3.3.3) Added a new method for selecting a new Wraith in multiplayer

  • (3.3.3) Updated the multiplayer map and removed the safe zone

  • (3.3.3) Tweaked Subject Model #3A and how he can kill the player

  • (3.2.3) Added a new ability in multiplayer for those who have collected all of the secret notes in the campaign: Kid Cloak! Press SPACE to turn into a fast kid in the testing field to outrun a Wraith or blend in!

  • (3.2.3) Added a trail from each exit in multiplayer so players know where the exit is + removed the leftward NPC's dialogue about the exit by the left exit

  • (3.2.3) Removed the badges from players in multiplayer so it is easier to blend in with dummy NPCs

  • (3.2.3) Decreased the maximum amount of multiplayer chat lines on-screen at once

  • (3.2.3) Fixed the "A Daredevil's Trial" star not showing up in the Custom Trial menu

  • (3.1.2) Fixed conveyor issue where it would keep sending only one type of item when you only have one patient alive

  • (3.1.2) Custom trial mode names will now appear on the finish screen

  • (3.0.1) Patient notes would not appear properly if the campaign has been beaten already

  • (3.0.1) Subject Model #3A now kills the player if the glow stick is up when he is already in the office

  • (3.0.1) Star descriptions have been fixed to be assigned to the correct star

  • (3.0.1) Added an escape route from the multiplayer game if you are selected as a Wraith

  • (3.0.1) Fixed clicking out of the multiplayer prompt and then entering a custom trial that would have instead sent you to the multiplayer screen

  • (3.0.0) Ordering supplies have been overhauled with a new mini-game

  • (3.0.0) If you complete the main campaign while keeping all three patients in tact, you will be able to unlock access to an online testing field with others from across the globe (just don't get near any glitched characters...)

  • (3.0.0) Patients now have a depletion meter (an old idea that was removed prior to launch) that, when empty, will remove one piece of either hunger or thirst and will reset the meter

  • (3.0.0) Patients, when scared by a Wraith, will now deplete their patient meter faster than before

  • (3.0.0) Added brand new special cutscene for completing the "A Daredevil's Trial" mode that also uses a new track by @efefski found here (this cutscene can also be replayed by clicking on the "all modes" star on the menu)

  • (3.0.0) Fixed an inconsistency in Matthew's signatures in some secret notes

  • (3.0.0) Add a new secret note

  • (3.0.0) Hovering over a star on the main menu now provides a tip on how to obtain said star

  • (3.0.0) Fixed an issue where patient notes would appear incorrectly if you reset your save data and enter the patient hub right after

  • (3.0.0) The glow stick now is not completely limited as it now enters a locked recharging state when the power is empty, though having it lowered/off will slowly recharge it

  • (3.0.0) The bell now has a visual for being hit to insinuate to new players that the bell does have a function other than to hit it

  • (3.0.0) Subject Model #3A now takes less time to move cameras

  • (3.0.0) Subject Model #3A now covers cameras for less time

  • (3.0.0) Busted is now a LOT more likely to attack a patient on his own if he is in a camera covered by Subject Model #3A

  • (3.0.0) Subject Model #3A now has an animation for showing up in your office

  • (3.0.0) Subject Model #3A now plays his ambient theme when he is in your office

  • (3.0.0) Subject Model #3A's minimum time to attack while in the office has been changed to be more forgiving

  • (3.0.0) Subject Model #3A will now no longer update his animation in the cameras while static is playing

  • (3.0.0) Subject Model #3A no longer makes two audio cues for moving to your office

  • (3.0.0) Reanimated jumpscares by @Mecabuyte

  • (3.0.0) Wraith Buster is now 135% more agitated by the player staring at Busted

  • (3.0.0) When the night is finished and Busted is in your office zone, he will be briefly shown in front of you

  • (3.0.0) Wraiths now give off a visual cue for when they successfully scare a patient

  • (3.0.0) Busted's voice now pans depending on which room he is in

  • (3.0.0) Patient deaths and screams now pan depending on the room said patient is in

  • (3.0.0) Subjected Member is now more likely to appear

  • (3.0.0) Subjected Member is slightly more lenient

  • (3.0.0) The glow stick's battery scaling has been adjusted for all nights including Custom Night

  • (3.0.0) Busted can no longer go to the far right hiding spot in the office as he was almost never spotted there

  • (3.0.0) Movement speed of the player in mini-games has been increased

  • (3.0.0) Busted can now attack a patient on a covered camera

  • (3.0.0) The credits have been changed to remove various names and add new names

  • (3.0.0) The extras renders of characters and their Custom Trial icons have been remade

  • (3.0.0) The word pools for the randomization button in Custom Trial have been updated to remove/add new words

  • (3.0.0) A Daredevil's Trial (All Max Mode) now has a special red sine effect

  • (3.0.0) Character icons in Custom Trial now fade a little and become monochrome when set to 0 AI

  • (3.0.0) Custom Trial stars now are lifted up if their mode is selected to make it easier to differentiate which stars is for which mode

  • (3.0.0) Behind the Scenes now has three new entries

  • (3.0.0) Various miscellaneous bug fixes