vs pucca (fix version)
6 months ago

Wait!?... This exist now!?

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Next up

Well i made a new community on gamejolt based around pucca. So I guess follow it?

Here the community:https://gamejolt.com/c/puccacommunity-geeygd

My favorite joke in free birds

Happy Thanksgiving!

I change my profile for Christmas

Kirby cake overview if you missed the fireside last week. He is a very simple cake, but came together perfectly! Enjoy and feel free to tip the artist!

Who remember this Christmas song?

YouTube Replay ▶️ Kirby Fireside 🔥 if you missed it. https://youtu.be/W_dAAnjK6vM

As soon as I ended the fireside I noticed I forgot the cheeks , so I added them!

Happy birthday to @MikuTeto64 (aka my sister)

Ok yesterday I went to a thrift shop and I found this

Part of the giant Sonic birthday collab Fadel put on last summer!

He's taking all the rings!!

Today I got the yellow belt at ninjistu