Five Nights at Puppyton's

1 year ago

Welcome to Buddy Puppyton's Pizza Palace!

Here are all the animatronic characters!

First photo: The whole gang

Second Photo: Buddy Puppyton

Third Photo: Wolfie

Fourth Photo: Fortune

(Soon I will be releasing the plushie models for the in-game stuff)

I'm going to redo the plushies first though. They look terrible right now.



Next up


@turntail secretly worked with E.Breddy to get this huge custom desk mat made for my birthday! It could easily be mistaken for an official product (though it will never be one...)

This brand new render is now the game's banner on Twitter and Game Jolt!

3,000 Followers Celebration Devlog!

He's the best.

Did you know that today is #InternationalJazzDay? 🎷😎

No? 😯 Well, we couldn't pass up this date!

And what better to celebrate this day than #Pecaminosa #OST? 🎷

Let us know what you think about it and have a great weekend!

Path of Kami: The Evolution of the Lore

Family band complete!



Ibuki Mioda!

One of the most critical update for Sunblaze demo. Now you are able to pet a cat! Finally!

Horror WIP A track that will be featured in a future horror game soundtrack! Stay tuned!

Likes appreciated ✌️

#gamedev #composer #horrorgame #indiegame #IndieGameDev #soundtrack

"Day to Day" (also check spud out here he's a great guy and writer: