2 years ago

Welcome to the Cult. Here are some things you should know about us:

Who am I?

I'm an interdimensional art demon enslaved by three cat monster overlords...

I'm also a digital illustrator who works with streamers to create custom emotes and other art for their channels. I take commissions for all types of things including profile pics, OC art and game assets. Check out my commissions page for more.

I'm also a D&D lover. I'm DMing two campaigns right now but I'm looking for a third.

Why I joined GameJolt

I joined GameJolt to share my work, meet new people with the same passions and maybe inspire some young artists to take their dreams seriously.

To me, GameJolt is a whole new world of possibility, as if I've come out of the abyss of Twitter and Instagram and I've found myself a new home. I want to use this platform as a way to help others grow and connect with their creativity.

Art Request

Right now I am focused on world domination and I do not take art requests. If you'd like to commission me for something specific you can find all my info on my Ko-fi page.

I am a Ko-fi Ambassador

Speaking of Ko-fi pages. You should all know that I am a Ko-fi ambassador. That means I have the ability to support up to 3 creators/developers every month with a year's Ko-fi Gold subscription.

If you have an existing account or you want to start a new account to fund your game/comic/art/project, just shout at me.

If your account is brand new and you opened it because you want the Gold subscription please let me know so that I don't go to the page, see it's empty and ignore it. I consider new accounts too, as long as the account holder can tell me how they are going to use the account to their benefit. I don't want to be gifting Gold to dead accounts. Thanks.

I'm always happy to answer questions so if you need something or you have any suggestions, just shout me out on my page.

Ask Me Anything

I'm always open to questions, so if you want to know more feel free shout on my page.




Next up

Your cult leader has created a fireside. Come sit with her for a while.


The Cultists think I'm a Switch?

I didn't choose the #vtuber life. The vtuber life chose me... #Memes #dumbass #streamer

When you just aren't into living a normal life, why not start a cult?

We're starting war with The Vatican. For world Peace.

New Cultist designs for Cult Club Members. Unfortunately Stream Avatars doesn't work with Gamejolt yet but maybe one day we could have outfits for everyone.

Chat thinks I'm a bottom

Working on a Genshin Impact emote. Isn't she adorable?

Cult circle!!! It's time to start our ritual.

It's NEW YEAR and it's time to go to the gym and SQUAT!!! Buttt emote!!!!!