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Welcome to the . Mandela Catalogue . Community! Rules:

  • Be polite

  • Do not cause drama

  • DO NOT harrass people or you will be kicked

  • And please do not do anything else that is bad or you will


  • please for lords sake do not make up anything unless its your AU/OC or something funny!

    Follow me! And my friends!

    We accept games!

    No hate!

    If your a big fan of mandela catalogue or just know mandela catalogue please comment on one of my post or shout to me and say something becaus eim trying to make friends that also are a big fan of mandela catalogue!


    20 Members: The good starting point🎈

    50 Members: ???👍

    100 Members:???😎

    500 Members:???🤩

    1k Members:???🌟

    5k Members:???🤯

    10k Members:???🥳

    50k Members:???🥇

    100k Members:???🏆

    500k Members:???🏅

    1M Members:???🎖

    10M Members:???😇 <- all of this was my cousins idea!

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