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Dummy GASA4?! Holy shit??

I have never done (mostly) no outline what the shit why was it so difficult.

Anyways, random fun fact but I adore the idea of Mad Dummy & Aware Cashier. They're so cool to NOT add in, smh.

There's a hacking wave for Gachatubers rn thats so wild.

Anyways, if you're a gachatuber please try and limit who you talk to on that platform, because it could be a hacker. They've stolen acc's and will comment shit like "hey my phone broke"


Anyways, Dust ref sheet!! Will make a digital one soon I swear but,, this has everything important!!

guys its reset losing uno

reset losing uno real

I was watching Merg play LB Renewed (ass fangame ngl) so I drew some parts as Dust OgD :3

Changed some things and whatever to fit them (ALSO POINTED OUT AN ITEM REGEN)

So yeah