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This Is Almost Really incomplete and my games are bad when they are very incomplete!

32 Bit (Will Work On x64 Obviously)
At least 51 MB RAM
My Specs:
32 Bit Machine, x64 Based Processor
2.00 GB Memory
Games I Play: Ultimate Custom Night, Baldis Basics in Nightmares,
Baldis Basics In Education And Learning




Hey Guys.....Im So Sorry But Im Canceling this game.....But Keep Following!
Because It Got So Popular! And Im Rebranding it! it Will be Seperate.

Oh No............

Good News (Might Be Bad News to Some Of You):
Hey Guys! Vaughn Here. Today I Have Good News. And as i said in the title, Might Be Bad News For You. Here' Goes! I have Decided That I will Rebrand Five Nights At Baby's AGAIN And I'll Need help this time!

hey i have a problem:
Hey Guys! Im Animating in SFM And I Have 1 Problem.........It Will Only Export A 0 Byte File. If You Guys Have Any Fix Methods Then PLEEEAAASE Comment.
Thank you

Custom Night: Coming Soon:
Hey Guys! Whats Up? Today I Will Work On A Custom Night!
And Yes There Will Be OCs