What do you think?

Hello I really liked the game. By the way I would like to talk to you. Do you have discord?

more like sonic.exe

Hey How i can Make Turn the wallpapaer (more like the Maiyin Sonic)?

Hey how did you made the game knowed my Pc username?
Please give me your answer!

A "normal" sonic the hedgehog remade in Sonic 3 Style.


Luigikid's Creepypasta Challange Info:

This game will crash a lot just turn it on couple times to play it again.



Q: Is this a Virus?

A: No, it's not a virus. The game will create some text files that are only related to

game which are just plain instructions.

Q: What makes this game special?

A: This game might be a stereotypical sonic.exe but it has a twist. It remembers your actions [Like in undertale] and will talk about them for time to time.

Q:What happend to other .exe game?

A: The games code was a mess and made in crappy old laptop which got files corrupted, simply lost motivation and just did my own thing.







Intense Cartoon Violence
Mild Realistic Violence
Realistic Bloodshed

...and make games that wont be too much of burden. Thanks for your support for the game and glad most of you liked it but for now I'll let it rest until I randomly decide to work on it again. (Please dont try to remake or finish developing my games. Ty.)

Future of "Sonic"

The full game "might" not see the light of day. Emphasis on might. I don't know if I'm going to finish it or leave it to dust I'll see what I'll do about it for now I wanna work on my own personal IP...



UPDATE 1.1.5

-The fonts are now embed which means you dont need to install them so they could work.