What do you think?

and the cutscene of fazbears ent salvaging animatronics for fnaf hw

I have an idea, add animatronics

The game is cancelled ? (Or do you need help?)

Hey! Are you still working on it? Its a very cool game.... Well, its looks like a very cool game

is the game still being worked on?

Hello and welcome to the beginning of your new carrer!
Please remember that Fazbear.INC is not responsible for injury/dismemberment.
This time,you are not the security guard!You are the manager!Place decorations in your own Pizzeria/Attraction/Animatronic Factory,buy Animatronics,hire employees and more!
To apply,call 1-888-FAZ-FAZBEAR

Please remember that this is a Retro-ish version of FNaF 6,that removes the NightShift gameplay and adds more better mechanics.


Mild Cartoon Violence
Comical Shenanigans

Welp,i need to ask you something for the game

What style you want for the Cutscenes/Other menus and stuff
FNaF 6 Style

(well,yeah.I like http://anime.DON’T YOU DARE TO ASK WHAT ANIME THINGS I’M WACTHING!I do what i want with my life xD)

Tycoon Mode & Foxy Fighters Preview


Time to take your carrer into your own hands!

This is kinda.. freaky (lol,got da joke? =] )

Pizzeria Tycoon mode Work In Progress