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not bad. but if you ever have mods with new offices. you should also have versions where it's just the offices themselves

create a fusion of characters from another games and fan games and oc animatronics is fixed bendy animatronic from chatper 4 (made in rockstar freddy) and toy baldi (made in rockstar chica) and reverse puppet (vinnie) (made in security puppet) nightmare toy sonic made in lefty in case you will have to create the model
take the link if you do not know what nightmare toy sonic from a fnaf fan game and is from five nights at sonic 4 dlc reborn ok
in case you will have to create the model
and animatronic sans made in rockstar bonnie and fixed ennard


create un-withered mod plis

Ultimate Custom Night - Fixed Nightmare Animatronics + Fredbear's Family Diner office (Mod)

Mod for Ultimate Custom Night
Using this mod, do not forget to specify the Creator: #fnaf #mod #fangame

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